Welcome to Geoproject

Communication is our passion! Have you ever experienced the disastrous effects of miscommunication? Ineffective communication can cost you time, money and frustration. It can also lead to worsening relationships, lost sales and broken contracts.
How can we help? With advice and tailor made training programs.

Geoproject Dekker B.V. has provided training and advice to organizations since 1993. The specialization in communication, both interpersonal and commercial, and marketing dates back to 2002. We inspire you to be the best you can be and achieve your highest possible personal goals.

Our advisors and trainers are characterised by a good feel for organizations and the ability to enter into their world. This guarantees good insight into the broader context of the challenges laid out before them in the advice or training. It also ensures a well simulated and directly recognizable situation for the participants. End result is a tailor made, creative, innovative and results oriented advice or training program.

Geoproject Dekker B.V. is part owner of Avantage training en advies B.V. (www.avantage-ta.com) since 2005. If you would like more information about our organization and ways we can help you to be at your best, please contact us with your specific request at info@geoproject.nl